Remembering Borrowdale!

Getting on the bus to Borrowdale, loaded with bags and waving goodbye to Cragside for the week, feels like a million years ago now!  An innocent ‘pre-SATs’ time where the children weren’t dreaming about missing angles, SPaG terminology and inference questions!

It was clear upon arrival that the trip was going to be a lot of fun.  After a short walk, our hostel was waiting for us underneath sunny skies.  The view from the hostel was incredible and provided a stunning natural backdrop for our students as they ate their packed lunches.

The range of activities across the week were fun, varied and exhilarating!  Every pupil was given the opportunity to do something which would take them out of their comfort zone – whether it was scaling the side of a cliff wall while being literally supported by their friends, scrambling through ghylls in a wet suit, walking up a mountain as a group, canoeing or mountain biking!  The children were enthusiastic, supportive and proud throughout every endeavour (although the greatest challenge of all – keeping their rooms tidy – eluded some of the boys.)

However the challenges were not just for the daytime.  An assortment of activities ran through the night – including orienteering, group quizzes and team games – before hot chocolate and lights out!

Another blessing was that the weather stayed dry and warm despite a cynical forecast from Mr. Howard before departure.

The most important thing was that everyone returned home in high spirits, disappointed to be leaving the Lake District behind.  Thank you to all of the highly trained and enthusiastic staff at Borrowdale who worked tirelessly to make the week such a memorable experience for the children.  Also a big thank you to the children themselves (just for being so superb!)

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